Paulo Cesar, better known as P.C., is the founder of Kiteiscool. He was born in Fortaleza and he has always been a lover of the ocean. As a kid he practiced various water sports all over the coast of Ceará. In 2005 he started kitesurfing and a year later, he became a kitesurf instructor. He travelled around the world to teach people how to kite. In 2010 he started Kiteiscool in Jericoacoara, a paradise for kitesurfers. As of today, Kiteiscool is one of the biggest schools in Jericoacoara, with instructors teaching in English, French, Italian and Portuguese. Their goal? Making people crazy about kitesurfing.

P.C. loves to share his passion about kitesurfing and taking people on unforgettable trips. That's why he started organizing downwinders for all kitesurf enthusiasts. As a local, he knows the best spots in the northeast of Brazil, which makes these downwinders a once in a ''kitetime'' experience.