Kiteiscool was born from the passion its creator has for Kitesurfing. Paulo Cesar, a.k.a. PC founded the company from the necessity of making a living out his lifestyle. After his first lessons in Jericoacoara as certified IKO instructor in 2007, Paulo traveled the world teaching kitesurfing in various locations and schools, gaining knowledge and building the connections that would allow him to found his own school in 2010 at his local spot Jericoacoara. Today Kisteiscool is a safe haven and a solid base for everything about kitesurfing in the northeast of Brazil. Our team strive for the balance between fun and safety allowing our clients from all levels of experience to feel the stoke that only kitesurfing can give. We specialise in kite surfing lessons be it for the beginner or the advanced honing their skills in the water. Our instructors understand that patience and forethought are paramount when teaching an action thrilled sport. We aim on giving you all the tools to be relaxed and confident with your kite. Our staff speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian and have travelled extensively to kite surf. For those that already know how to kite surf, we provide custom made down wind trips on the Northeast Brazil with all the support needed. Check out Kiteiscool trips for more information.
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