Jericoacara is a peaceful fishing village located on the west coast of the state of Ceará,3 degrees below the Equator. With 320 days of sunshine a year. It is approximately 300 km from the state capital, Fortaleza. It was voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by The Washington Post. In 1984 it was declared an Environmental Protection Area and became National Park in 2002. This has brought various construction restrictions, which helps preserve the region's lush beauty. The streets are not paved and the city seems to "grow in the middle of the dunes". The arrival of electricity was just over ten years ago using an underground network. The residents opt for the absence of public lighting, without posts. Thus, the natural brilliance of the moon and stars and the charm of candlelit dinners with feet in the sand give the city a special touch. Jeri has a qualified lodging network, bars and restaurants. The offer ranges from rustic to modern, from simple to refined. At sunset, the disputed caipirinhas stands and fruit smoothies can be found on the Main Street, near the beach and serves drinks of various colours and flavours. The buzz is guaranteed every night, to the sound of forró and varied rhythms. Come and enjoy our paradise!


Jericoacoara is conveniently located 300 km from the state capital, Fortaleza. The international airport of Fortaleza (FOR) serves a network of domestic and international airlines companies. From Fortaleza you can reach Jericoacoara in a variety of ways according to your preference. We can gladly provide and organise all aspects of your transfer from Fortaleza’s airport or hotel. From chartering a helicopter for magic ride or thru our private and comfortable 4x4 cars thru the dunes, getting to Jeri is an experience in itself. Contact us to arrange the best way to get here.

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