1Am I good enough to do this kite trip?
You don’t have to be an expert to join our downwinders but it's important to have a good level in the sport. You have to control your equipment, sail toe-side and know the techniques of self-rescue. If you want to go on a downwinder with us but you don’t feel 100% safe, it's a good idea to come to Jericoacoara a few days before the trip and join our daily downwinders. You can choose between 2 options: Barrinha to Jeri or Jeri to Tatajuba, with a constant wind of 25/30 knots.
2What equipment do I need?
One thing is for sure, the wind will blow! For men we recommend kites between 7 / 12M, for women 6 / 10M. With the evolution of kitesurf equipment, modern kites often have the possibility to adjust the kite so that you can use it at different wind speeds.
3What should I bring?
-board short / bikinis
4What is included?
- 4x4 accompanying vehicles
- Overnight stays with breakfast
- Guide / instructor on the water (French / English speaking)
- Hydration / snacks / fruits (during the downwind)
- Speed boat assistance in Delta do Parnaiba
- Quad assistance in Delta and Tutoia
- Tips / advice during all your stay in Brazil
- Concierge service for dinners and night events
- Satellite phones / waterproof radios
5What is not included?
- Transfer from the airport to Jericoacoara
- Dinner
- Alcoholic drinks
- Photos / videos
- Kitesurf gear
6What is optional?
-kites for rental
-boards for rental
-kite repair
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