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Feeling the Wind: Cumbuco / Jeri

11 September, 2021

Feeling the Wind: Cumbuco / Jeri

This is the downwinder kitesurf experience of a lifetime. With our full assistance, 4×4 vehicles and guide support on the beach and in the water, along with consistent side shore winds and tropical water temperatures, this adventure is truly phenomenal!

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Check-in 09/11/23
Check-out 09/16/23

Check-in 10/16/23
Check-out 10/21/23

Check-in 11/13/23
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Check-in 12/04/23
Check-out 12/09/23

  • Cumbuco / Tatajuba
  • 6 Days / 6 Nights
  • intermediary
  • Ceará

Day 1: Check in

Welcome! Our team will give you all the assistance you need so that you can arrive with comfort and safety at your ocean view hotel! It’s warm up time! According to your arrival time we can organize a nice kite session in front of the hotel, where we will have the opportunity to check all the equipment.
Overnight: Katavento Pousada
Katavento Pousada

Day 2: Cumbuco to Lagoinha

Distance: 65 km
We start with a short briefing about the kite trip, while you enjoy a nice breakfast. After that, it’s time to start the kite adventure. We begin our downwinder just in front of the hotel, and we will ride all the way down to Port of Pecém. Get ready for some epic conditions and an amazing scenery. After this, we have one small downwinder to Quebra-mar, where we will take a small break for snacks and hydration. This famous spot in Paracuru has the perfect combination of flat water and waves. Last but not least, we have a challenge: ride a bit outside so we can cross a little port in Paracuru, and finally get close to the Capim Açu beach, where there are great chances of us enjoying perfect waves all by ourselves. After an awesome day of kiting, it’s time to relax and appreciate a cold drink.
Overnight: Genus Beach Hotel

Day 3: Lagoinha to Icaraí de Amontada

Distance: 70 km
The wind is ON! Set up your kite and jump in the water. A long and smooth journey is waiting for you. There are many things to see on this day, including fascinating landscapes, rivers mouths, enormous sand dunes and small fishing villages. This day is long but don’t worry, you will arrive at the best hotel in the area.

Overnight: Vila Mango

Day 4: Icaraí de Amontada to Ilha do Guajiru

Distance: 40 km
After a delicious breakfast it’s time to jump into the water! We will have an easy downwind starting at Icaraizinho, passing between rivers, inlets and mangroves. Although this route has few waves, the incredible view is worth it! We will then be rewarded with a super welcome drink at our amazing hotel.

Overnight: Bambu Blu


Day 5: Ilha de Guajiru to Jericoacoara

Distance: 75 km
Our starting point is in front of the hotel, from here we kite to the beach of Jericoacoara, which is noted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by The Washington Post. Arriving in Jericoacoara by kite is a privilege that only kiter’s can truly understand. It’s for sure an unforgettable experience. Strong winds and small waves, depending on the tide, are the conditions for this day.

Overnight: Chalé Creolo

Day 6: Jericoacoara to Tatajuba

Distance: 25 km
We make the last day of your trip unforgettable! This day has a bit of everything, including sand dunes, mangroves, river mouths, flat water and waves. The day ends at a charming and relaxed beach bar with a seafood barbecue. Last but not least, we return to Jericoacoara by 4X4 to enjoy an extraordinary sunset.

Overnight: Chalé Creolo

  • 4×4 accompanying vehicles
  • 6 overnight stays with breakfast
  • Guide / instructor on the water (French / English speaking)
  • Hydration / snacks / fruits (during the downwind)
  • Tips / advice during all your stay in Brazil
  • Concierge services for dinners and night events
  • Satellite phones / waterproof radios
  • Transfer from / to the airport to Cumbuco / Jeri
  • Dinner
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Photos / videos
  • Kitesurf gear
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