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Into the Wind: Jeri / Atins

16 September, 2021

Into the Wind: Jeri / Atins

Into the Wind is the perfect kite trip for people who are looking for a true adventure. By kite, you explore the immensity of the wild Brazil, crossing 3 states (Ceará, Piauí, Maranhão). You pass by rivers mouths, mangroves and lagoons, until you arrive in Atins. After that, you get the mind-blowing experience of riding into Lençois Maranhenses National Park.

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  • Jericoacoara / Atins
  • 8 days / 8 nights
  • Intermediate / advanced
  • Ceará / Piauí / Maranhão

Day 1: Check in

Welcome, feel at home! Check in at the hotel and later we will have a welcome drink at our Kiteiscool shop, where you will have the chance to meet all the crew.

Overnight: Chale Creuolo

Day 2: Jericoacoara to Camocim

Distance: 45 km
We start our downwinder near the famous sunset dune in Jericoacoara. Expect strong winds and an awesome landscape. We ride up to Tatajuba, a very beautiful and relaxed fishing village, where we have delicious fruits for energy recovery and rejuvenation. After our break, it’s time to get back in the water and ride smooth waves till we arrive in Camocim. We cross the Coreaú River by kite, few kilometer more we will land our kite in the garden of our hotel, its time to have a cold beer to the pool.

Overnight: Residencial Aurora

Day 3: Camocim to Barra Grande

Distance: 65 km
It’s time to change states, crossing from Ceará to Piauí. We pass by different fishing villages and enjoy perfect smooth waves the entire way. We ride up to Barra dos Remedios, where we take a short break and enjoy the view. Our 4×4 trucks pick us up and provide us with fresh fruits, snacks and drinks. After our break we continue our adventure, crossing the Barra dos Remedios River and enjoy waves and flat water. After a few more kilometers we stop in Bitupita, the last beach in the state of Ceará, an appealing fishing village. From there we drive to Barra Grande, a famous flat-water spot for freestyle. If you still have energy, you can enjoy a kite session right in front of our hotel.

Overnight: Barra Grande Kite Camp

Day 4: Barra Grande to Luís Correia

Distance: 22 km
After our breakfast we continue our journey, riding 3 kilometers to arrive in Macapa, a flat-water spot where the river meets the ocean. Many people say this spot looks like a mirror since the water is so calm and flat. After enjoying Macapa we continue our journey to Itaqui beach, accompanied by fun waves the entire way. In our hotel, an ocean view and cold drinks are waiting for you. On top of that, we have a delicious fish barbecue for dinner.

Overnight: Hotel Vila Itaqui

Barra Grande kitesurd

Day 5: Foz Canárias to Foz Cajú – kiteiscool

Distance: 28 km
Here we go, an incredible day await us! After a quick car ride from our hotel to Porto dos Tatus, we take our private speedboat into the heart of Delta das Americas. The place is a true ecological sanctuary, with dunes, mangroves, rivers and dozens of islands and islets, some inhabited by fishermen. We start our downwind tour from Foz Canárias all the way to Foz Cajú. On average, the waves here are 2 meters. On this day, we have boat support for assistance in the river mouths and a motor quadricycle on the beach.

Overnight: Pousada Casa de Caboclo

Day 6: Foz Cajú to Tutoia

Distance: 25 km
On this day we will cross the second biggest island of Delta do Parnaíba. Our speedboat will pick us up at the hotel, and we will have a small tour through the mangroves to the place where we will start the downwind, from Foz Cajú to Foz Melancieira. Once we arrive, the speedboat will welcome us with fresh fruits and water, and finally take us on a small tour to the Port of Tutoia.

Overnight: Pousada Jagatá


Day 7: Tutoia to Atins

Distance: 60 km
Welcome to the unknown, where many kilometers of empty beaches are ready to be explored. All of the kitesurf gear is already set up, and it’s time to have some fun! Perfect lines of waves accompany us all the way to Rio Novo. After crossing a river, we have a break before arriving in paradise, Atins.

Overnight: Paraíso dos Ventos

Day 8: Atins to Rio Negro

Distance: 25 km + kitesurfing on the rivers of the National Park
Today is a fabulous day! A short downwind ride to Rio Negro. From there we have exclusive transportation into the heart of Lençois Maranheses National Park, to ride into the lakes. Charge your battery to record these moments; your eyes will not believe what they see. We spend all afternoon in the National Park. To finish this awesome day, we bring you to a local restaurant where you enjoy the best seafood of your life.

Overnight: Paraíso dos Ventos

Atins kitesurf
  • 4×4 accompanying vehicles
  • 8 overnight stays with breakfast
  • Guide / instructor on the water (French / English speaking)
  • Hydration / snacks / fruits (during the downwind)
  • Speed boat assistance in Delta do Parnaiba
  • Quad assistance in Delta and Tutoia
  • Tips / advice during all your stay in Brazil
  • Concierge service for dinners and night events
  • Satellite phones / waterproof radios
  • Transfer from/to the airport to Jericoacoara / Atins
  • Dinner
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Photos / videos
  • Kitesurf gear
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